Friday, January 1, 2010

let's get it started

my new year's resolution is to master the art of cooking. not just to cook more, but to improve my skills and try new and exciting recipes that i've never attempted before! an english author from the 1600s called this "the art & mystery of cookery." is it elementary, my dear watson? something tells me this will be a complicated and rewarding journey.

what inspires me? the history of a dish-- where it originated, who usually cooks it, and in what context. i choose every dish for a reason. then i add my own stories to its history! so hopefully that will give this blog a little extra interest beyond just sharing recipes and pictures with you.

some would say i've come a long way since my first attempts at cooking in college. let's be honest...i didn't even know that there was a difference between confectioner's sugar and granulated sugar. but i've progressed!

i'm going to start by sharing some dishes i've made in the past and we'll catch up to now. this week so far it's been white cheddar corn chowder, greek seasoned chicken on pita with tzatziki sauce, and tonight i'm making asian mandarin salad with honey-lime chicken. but first, let me catch you up on some previous culinary conquests...

bon appetit!

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